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Eric Striffler
Country: United States
City: Miami – New York
Richard Bernardin
Country: Canada
City: Montreal
About: Richard Bernardin is one of Canada’s leading photographers who is represented in Montreal, New York and Paris. Influenced by the films of Truffaut, Cassavetes and Kubrick, Richard brings a strong cinematic feel to his unconventional photographic style.
Walter Ego
Country: Italy
City: Rome
About: Born in Rome in 1975, graduated in classical studies, I started with photography in 1998 and in 2004 I turned professional, focusing my commercial activity mainly in the fashion, portrait and advertising fields.
Shaun Alexander
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
About: High fashion, European Style Beauty photography. Specializing with all kinds of people photography, from magazine to ad campaigns or even high-end weddings. Versatility, Imagination, creativity and art combined with 20 years of solid experience, and you get nothing short of your expectations.
Sylvie Blum
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
About: Sylvie Blum worked as a model for 10 years for international photographers such as Helmut Newton, Andreas Bitesnich, Conrad Goodly, Jeanleaup Sieff, Jan Saudeckand and now takes a step behind the lens to show a world of seductive narratives.
Fotodesign Märzinger
Country: Germany
City: Mauern
Salvador Pozo
Country: Netherlands
City: Ridderkerk
About: International free lance fashion photographer based in The Netherlands. Specialities: Bridal & evening fashion, jewelry & wathes, make-up and beauty, editorial & commercial.
Mark Goldberg
Country: Greece
About: Mark Goldberg started his career in 1989 assisting several wellknown photographers worldwide. He was a pionner in digital photography, he didn’t close his eyes, he recognised early, that this change in technology is not only a must, but gives you undreamt possibilities.
Elio Leonardo Carchidi
Country: Italy
City: Rome
About: Photographer since the ’80, qualifying at the best schools in Italy. A highly respected photo retoucher, he has worked and continues to work with some of the best and famous Italian and international photographers. Many famous actors and well known people have enjoyed his virtual liftings!
Michael Creagh
Country: United States
City: New York
About: Photographer and Regular Guest speaker in fashion production at Fashion Institute of Technology, Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, George Washington University. Associate Professor in Fashion Photography at LIM.