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CATEGORY: art photographers | commercial photographers | cover photographers | editorial photographers | nude photographers

COUNTRY: Czech Republic

CITY: Prague



REGISTERED: 01 Mar 2005

“A former top athlete and judo international, Adolf Zika gave up his sport suddenly after returning from a training camp in Japan. He became actively engaged in rock music and other actives that he didn’t know before. Over a short time this lifestyle consumed all of his strength and after a �three-year party� he ended up in a hospital, totally exhausted. Then all of a sudden a fateful encounter with photography came. After less than one year, he won the most prestigious contest for professional photographers in his country. In 2000, his works were displayed at the Photokina world exhibition by the renowned company Leica and, four years later, his photos appeared as part of Olympus� presentation in the E-system gallery. His photographs sold at events such as Paris Photo in Louvre, Paris, as well as in numerous other countries. He has worked for many renowned companies and luxury brands such as Orange, Hermes, Playboy, Leica, Ford and more. A passionate collector of black and white photographs, he still regards himself as a traditional black and white photographer and works mainly in Southern France and on islands throughout the world. Mr. Zika lives in Prague.”

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