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CATEGORY: beauty photographers | commercial photographers | cover photographers | editorial photographers | glamour photographers

COUNTRY: Philippines

CITY: Manila



REGISTERED: 02 Nov 2005

Editorial and Cover Photographer for magazines such as:
Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, FHM, Seventeen, T3 , Candy, Preview, Mega, Meg , Metro, Chalk and more

Advertising campagns such as:
Avon Cosmetics, L’oreal, Dole, Penshoppe, Nothing but water, Close up, Globe Handyphone, Globe quest, modess, Libresse, HUB, pure essentials, Canon, Hot Pink Lingerie and more

:Philippine Inquirer newspaper article:

MEET Paolo Pineda, the current “It” photographer of Manila’s philippine fashion scene. At such a young age, he is at the top of his game.

“I’m only 25” he said. “When I started out, I wanted to shoot what was going on around me. I was waiting for things to happen. But it got to a certain point when instead of just waiting for images to happen, I wanted to make images happen.”

Since he started shooting Covers, Fashion and beauty editorial for magazines like “FHM”, “Seventeen”,Marie CLaire”, “T3”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Candy,” among others), he has done numerous magazine covers and advertising campaigns.

In the process, he has earned both raves and put-downs.

Digital future

But Pineda insists digital photography is already the present and not the future.

Pineda is also driven by his passion for fashion and beauty. There’s a certain vulnerability to his images; only a person with an innate understanding of beauty and character can provide that.

This attempt to elevate simple fashion photography into something more nuanced and unpretentious may be dubbed by some as art, but Pineda is wary of calling his work any such thing.

Instead, he says he wants to push mainstream photography into the realm of art without sacrificing commercial viability.

Such openness to art allows him to remain objective when it comes to other photographers’ work. It is this same open-mindedness that allows him to be more honest with his outputs.

Pineda dislikes the banality that Photoshop freaks indulge in. After shoots, he often asks the creative director not to use too heavy a hand with the magical Photoshop brush. Erasing all those imperfections may destroy the photograph.

“I want to see the texture of the face,” he says. “I don’t want too much perfection. In the end, it’s character that matters most.”

This is not surprising, since the principles shaping his concepts of beauty and true photography are similar to those of Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Demarchelier, who are both known for their honest portraiture rather than ersatz posing.

Despite all the glamour, glitz and fame of fashion photography, Pineda’s ego remains as modest as when he was starting.

“I’m a photographer,” he says matter-of-factly. “Every day, I meet different types of people. I shoot the most beautiful and interesting people in the world. I go to these great exotic locations. And I get to eat pizza each time.”

“Inquirer newspaper article”