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Fashion Photography Tips 

Fashion Photography Tips 

One area of photography that gets a lot of attention is fashion. When it comes to taking pictures, the general rules of photography still apply to all types of fashion photography. But here comes the crucial part: as a fashion photographer, you need not only emphasize the subject but also showcase what they are wearing at the same time. Fortunately, we have here some fashion photography tips that you can use in your next shoot.

Fashion Photography Tips 

Fashion photographers are essential to the fashion and modeling industry. Although photography skills are essential, let’s go back to the basics. Check these hacks out to help you take well-composed fashion images!

Use the Rule of Thirds 

For better composition, you should know this crucial guideline – the rule of thirds. To apply it, mentally divide your frame into nine equal squares or use the grid-line function of your camera, then put your subject in any point of intersection for a balanced composition. Some cameras also have a built in grid to help with this.

Put the Subject in the Center Fashion Photography Tips

However, sometimes breaking composition rules helps to achieve a good shot. Once in a while, putting your subject in the center is perfect for fashion portraits. In photography, you have to direct the attention of your viewers to the subject, so placing it right in the middle will expose it immediately.

Be cautious though, as the improper application of this tip will make the picture look rigid and uninteresting. The negative space around the model should provide curiosity to viewers. Make sure to consider the background, use appropriate poses, and ask the model to move around or lean to either side to make it look less static.

Choose the Appropriate Background 

Aside from placing your subject in appropriate places, another component of a great composition is the background. The elements in the background can affect the picture and its balance, so choose one that complements the outfit you are photographing.

Here’s a fashion designer tip: When photographing a portfolio for fashion designers, do not use a background with a similar color or pattern as the model’s clothes. Also, if a garment has complicated design or patterns, use a neutral backdrop. Remember, the backdrop should always lead the eyes of the viewers to the subject. Outdoor fashion photography tips include paying attention to lines and curves, shapes, and structures like buildings and light poles.

Find a Counterbalance 

Balance is key to good photography composition. But sometimes, you cannot do anything but place your subjects in unconventional positions. In such cases, a counterbalance can be used to rectify your composition. The concept of counterbalance is simple: you use another component in the frame to make harmony in the picture.

Put the Fashion in the Spotlight 

One skill unique to fashion photographers is the ability to highlight the clothes in their photos. Regardless of the theme or story, it is your duty to prioritize how to present the clothing. Avoid using props that could distract the eyes of the viewers and make sure to emphasize the product’s selling points.

Let It Flow

Photos are static, and one problem in this field is it can be hard to show to the viewers the texture of the products. Without movement, an outfit may look rigid, even when in reality, it is not. To address this problem, you should create movement whenever possible. Ask your model to turn around, run, or simply move to let the fabric flow. If the outfit fits tightly on your model, it is impossible to let it flow. Instead, use her body form – curves and lines – to suggest movement. Direct them to pose in a way that highlights their form.


What Mode do Professional Photographers Shoot In?

There are a lot of modes to choose from, but generally, professional photographers shoot in aperture priority mode. Aside from being simple and convenient to use, this mode is powerful as it allows the photographer a wide range of creative choices. Most skilled photographers prefer to use aperture priority mode every day or shoot.

How do I Take Photos Like a Pro?

Here are some tips to take photos like a pro:

  • Use your longest lens when possible.
  • Set your camera to aperture priority mode and set the aperture as low as it can.
  • Place the subject far from the background. Make sure to allow for proper depth-of-field.
  • Go as close to the subject as possible, but don’t forget to still allow the lens to focus.
  • Set the focus point on the subject.

In Conclusion

Being a fashion photographer, you should first know the basics on fashion photography. As the name implies, it simply means taking photos of fashion-related products and highlighting its selling points. The general rules of photography apply to this genre, with some fashion photography tips and hacks for you to adapt to any situation and place the outfit in the spotlight. When it comes to fashion photography, you’ll find here at Top Fashion Photography a directory of qualified fashion photographers for your future projects.